Chantal Motto Consultants

Chantal Motto Consultants, is a Consulting in Management and Coaching company, helping organisations, their managers and their teams, to put new structures and processes in place, to manage changes, restructurations and development.

Chantal Motto brings both business and human competencies, which are results of a 20 year experience of operational management, combined with an on-going process of own skills enrichment.

Chantal Motto Consultants has developed expertise in 3 main areas :
Consulting, Training, Coaching & Team-Building.

Chantal Motto is also one of European specialist of the systemic organisational constellations : systemic approach for solutions finding.
And at last, she is also a psychotherapist : helping people in their personal development and search for meaning.

coaching & team Building

Coaching of Managing Teams in restructuring organisations and in key company projects management. Team building and developing collective intelligence. Coaching of managers in leading the change.

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Supervision of coaches, individual and collective coaching. Systemic Supervision : individual and collective

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Systemic coaching and therapy

Systemic coaching and jungian therapy.

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Conferences & events

Les 21 et 22 septembre 2020, 3 et 4 Novembre2020, 16 et 17 Décembre 2020, 24 et 25 Février 2021, 6 et 7 Avril 2021

Cycle de Formation aux Constellations Familiales & Systémiques – Niveau 1


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23 et 24 septembre 2020 (J1 et J2), 09 et 10 Novembre 20 (J3 et J4) et 10 et 11 Décembre 20 (J5 et J6).

Cycle de Formation aux Constellations Systémiques d’Organisation

Sur 6 jours à côté de La Rochelle (Vérines), pour les Coachs


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Nouvel ouvrage

Riche en cas pratiques et en exemples pour mieux comprendre l’impact de nos ascendants sur nos vies, cet ouvrage propose des clés pour rééquilibrer notre système familial et nous donner le droit de choisir une vie plus apaisée.

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