Systemic coaching and jungian therapy

Management Systemic Constellations

Organisational or Management Constellations, tool for individual or team Coaching, is solution oriented.
Principles are based on putting distance between problem, person, function, spatial representation of the system created by an issue or a case.
Positive results are mainly due to the information contained into the system being freed up and to the ‘step by step’ process allowing hypothesis suggesting, testing and validating. The whole process is dedicated to customer solution finding.

The training aims at presenting and practicing how Organisational or Management Constellations work, how to process them and some forms and how they apply.

Training this approach : in coaches training organisations and leads many workshops.

Psychotherapist, active listening and pragmatism

Specialised in interpersonal communication, Chantal Motto helps people individually or collectively in solving interpersonal problems and finding out meaning for situations.

  • Self esteem, life projects, personal growth
  • Methods : Systemic, Transactional Analysis, Dreams Interpretation
  • Inspirations : E. Berne, V. Frankl, ML von Franz, S. Freud, B. Hellinger, CG Jung, V. Lenhardt, JA Malarewicz, A. Maslow, B. Mirande, C. Rogers, M. Rosenberg, W. Schultz