Goals and deontology


The mission of Chantal Motto Consulting is to help the companies in their development by operating at organisation and management and teams levels.
To meet this target, several axes can be chosen and combined in an efficient complementarity : Consulting, Training, Coaching and Team-Building.
Very important is the consistency between organisations, processes and tools put in place, to give a global meaning to the whole structure.
The alignment of vision, management and daily actions, by making sense, will give people the motivation to perform collectively and to work for their customers.


The Coaching ‘Coaching’ is helping someone, or a team, to find his (or her, or their) own solutions in some professional positions, conditions, or cases.

For example,

  • Coaching a manager when he (or she) is promoted and takes a new job
  • Coaching a director to help him (or her) to develop his (or her) management skills and identity
  • Coaching a team during a companies merge
  • Coaching a manager and his team during a key transition period

Coaching is encouraging dialog, attentive listening, and giving confidence, that will allow a person, or a team, to meet his (or her, or their) objectives, and to find adequate solutions.

« You tell me, I forget. You teach me, I remember. You involve me, I learn.»
Benjamin Franklin

Values and beliefs


  • A company performs because men and women working for this company are motivated
  • A company can be a place of growth for each employee if his (or her) job makes sense, and if the company values are in harmony with his (or her) own values and objectives


  • All the people own the solution to their problem
  • Each one is free to choose and to act
  • Each one is responsible for his (or her) actions and growth
  • Each one carries his (or her) own truth which makes sense between the past and the future


  • Non conditional and absolute respect of other people, of their history, of their responsibility and identity, is essential to the quality of dialog and relationship
  • Listening is the most important factor of any dialog


  • People, relations, systems do act in total and global interdependance
« The true mirror of our talks is the course of our life»

Thanks to her strong experience in :

  • Operational teams and business management
  • Consulting
  • Projects leadership
  • Change management

Chantal Motto brings pragmatism, competencies, is ‘to the point’ and goals oriented

Thanks to her personal deep work on human development aspects :

  • Psychology (Supervised theorical and practical analytical works)
  • Transactional Analysis
  • PNL
  • Organisations and Systemic

Chantal Motto ensures respect, authenticity, honesty and reliability