A key factor to the quality of any coaching process is supervision. In the same way a serious therapist shares his/her doubts, questions with a supervisor, as serious coach will have a open space for sharing and confronting his/her experience, allowing him/her to learn, to improve continuously in his/her practice.

What are the topics covered by supervision ?


The way the coach is present to the coaching process and to the client is essential. By presence, we mean: quality of the listening, degree of relationship between coach and client, how self esteem allows the coach to be fully dedicated to the here and now.


Even if the purpose of any coaching is to get the client find solutions or ideas of solutions, the main focus of the coaching is the client and not the solution to get to. How the coach replies to the client’s reactions? Which proposal is made to which emotions encountered? How the coach is serving his client and the client’s system? Right but uncomfortable attitude of the coach will be to accept what is going on, to accept to be confused or frustrated or to be rejected. To accept and to analyse in a ‘meta position’ what is happening and what is resonating for the coach. To accept to be humble and let the client’s system find its own way.


The field between the client and the coach will help the client to progress. With calm and strength of his/her presence, the coach will cultivate the energy of the relationship to create a trustful space in which the client will unfold his problems and emotions. Quality of the transference will boost the coaching. The relationship uses several channels : physical presence, eye looking at and all non verbal communicating signs. Like in many therapies, transference is key to success of the cure.


Ethics essentially lies in the heart of our job: it concerns the relationship between coach and client, or decisions made by the coach, or poisoning of the coach towards the client’s system. Supervision is ideal place t analyse these ethical questions.

Systemic processes

With a systemic approach, we detect how often and how strong are the repetitions: the client repeats in his/her coaching process, the behaviours or acts that he/she usually delivers. In a certain way, during the coaching contract, the system in which the client acts is reproduced. The whole system is reflected in the smaller system. It is essential that the coach is conscious about these phenomenons, in order to react in a right way, which is not to reinforce the client’s scenario and not to emphasize any suffering or trauma. Supervision offers a space where distance and neutrality will allow a sound analysis of what is going on and what is at stake for the client and for the client’s system.

Cycle of supervision proposed by Chantal Motto,

  • 6 days, during 1 year
  • Objectives of the cycle :
  • Work on cases and on problem solving with the use of systemic constellations
  • Get deeper in systemic constellations practices

Two cycles :

For any coach willing to be supervised
For certified coaches in systemic constellations practice

Commitment to the 6 days is mandatory.

Next cycle :

  • Two dates to start the cycles :
  • 21 September 16
  • 08 December 16
  • 4 more dates to be appointed.

Where : Paris 5ème (Mouffetard area) or 12ème. Maximum of 10 persons.

Cost: 780 € HT for 6 days.